How To Apply

Deciding To Apply - Decide if you have what it takes - These are just some of the factors you should consider before applying to the Presidential Appointments Project:

The hours are long and the pace intense.

There is much public/press scrutiny.

Most applicants under serious consideration for an appointment will go through a full FBI background check in which their employment, professional, personal, travel, medical, financial, legal, military and educational histories will be reviewed and scrutinized.

The financial holdings and sources of income for most applicants under serious consideration must be disclosed for review for possible conflicts of interest. Most appointees’ dealings with the Federal government during and for a period of time after their service will be significantly restricted to prevent possible conflicts of interest.

Before starting the application process, please have all of your education information, employment information, references, and desired appointment position available.

In addition, please ensure that enough time is set aside to complete the application in one setting. Not doing so will result in multiple application submissions that will delay the processing of your application. Estimated time needed to complete application: 30 minutes.

It is very important to be specific. If a candidate is qualified for multiple positions, indicate all of them.

It is very challenging to process resumes for candidates who only generally express "a desire to serve" or a "desire to help." The Plum Book, which is available online, is a great resource to help with this.

Complete the Application process

Identify the Position - Identify the position or positions you are interested in by consulting the Plum Book.

Complete the "Request a Recommendation Form - Complete the online intake process and provide all the requested information by clicking here.

Submit Your Resume - Submit your resume to the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda by emailing your resume to Melody Gonzales, NHLA:
Please use the subject line "NHLA Nominations Resume."

Apply at - Submit your application using the application tool located here.

Campaign For The Position